Pennant races!
Major trades!
Training camp
Injury updates
QB rating
Draft kings.
Blitz packages
Official spread!
We just can’t’ get enough
When is a game a game?
Do we cheer for the numbers or the play?
Do we enjoy the game or just the result?
Do we go crazy for a loss or
Can we be fans just the same?
A ball, a bat and a mitt!
A diamond field!

100 yards
10 yards apart!
Enjoy the game for what is
A game!
Perhaps we will see what we are not told;
While enjoying life along the way!
Enjoy your team while enjoying life!



When is a house a home?

A house is the beautiful landscape.

A house is furniture that compliments the various rooms

A house is the backyard space, closets and garage.

A house is the foundation which we live our lives.

My wife, sister and I entered my sister’s new house for a two day vacation.

What a beautiful house.

The accommodations could not have been nicer.

How quickly we understood that his house already was becoming a home – in a short while.

The sharing of stories in the kitchen was uplifting.

We easily moved from room to room with smiles and good feelings.

The food for lunch was set in the dining room where more stories were shared.

We went to the nearby pool where we were able to relax and swim.

Dinner plans were at a local Italian restaurant. How delicious!

Then at night we shared more of ourselves before calling it a day.

The next day exhibited the growing of the Home feeling

My Niece, Husband and two beautiful children came for a visit.

After the children initial hesitance to reach out, we also became part of the family

In their new home.

When is a house a home?

A house is a home when you observe love permeate the people.

A house is a home when you notice that that my sister’s daughter and family feel very comfortable and bring energy to all who they meet.

After the farm stand visit to start our ride home I was very happy.

I understand the importance of love and caring is what make a home.

This was exhibited tenfold during our visit.

We visited their house.

We left their home.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday July 17, 2015

It’s here.

We are not getting it back.

Do not let it pass you by.

We have been waiting for the day all week,

Now make it the best day of your life.

Make your mark on this day!

Is it just another day or:

Perhaps we impact others.

Perhaps we enjoy lunch with a friend.

Perhaps we celebrate the beginning of two days off.


Share this day.

It will be gone in a blink of an eye!

Cornerstone of Life

The cornerstone of a good life is the timeless character we develop during our journey.

The building blocks are the important lessons we learn to help us live unconditionally.

The foundation is set when we can offer the keys to others to share our spirit, soul and love.

Open your hearts.

Lift your spirit.

Share your love.

The sharing of special moments will last a lifetime!

Finite Lives!

We all have finite lives.

Are we concerned about when our time is up?

We know it will happen!

Time is a measure created many years ago.

We have no control over it.

The finite life should make us all aware of how important every day is.

Do we share our love with others or are we trying to move ahead and meet the deadlines of time to get ahead?

Can we just imagine what life would be like if ours did not end and we could no longer see the ones we cared about throughout over lifetime?

An endless life without the ones we truly shared our most important parts of ourselves.

The sharing, caring and love during our life is what makes it special.

Perhaps we should all take a step back.

Perhaps we should reach out to family and friends.

Perhaps we should live our life to fill our souls and spirit, rather than our wallets.

Our special moments during life are what make life special.

We all have them!

Overcoming adversity!

The joy of a beautiful wedding!

The birth of a child!

We can’t control time.

We can control our special moments.

Perhaps with these moments we will then understand the glory of our short time on earth.


Enjoy your day.


Perhaps we appreciate what we have; and not be angry for what we don’t have.

Perhaps we understand it’s not what we have; but who we are.

Perhaps we can become comfortable with whom we are; then we are able to share ourselves with others.

Listen with the intent to understand.

Laugh with others to refresh your soul.

Live each moment as if there is no tomorrow.     


Start now!

We are gifted another day.


Live in the Moment

Is life moving at a faster pace today?

Do we need to get to our next stop as quickly as possible?

Do we rush through our work day anticipating our next event?

Do we not appreciate the power of all of life or does it pass us by?

Perhaps we should try to live each moment like there is no tomorrow.

Perhaps we should care more for others and try to empathize with them.

Perhaps we should understand that life moves quickly, but our moments do not!

Our lives are shaped by how we behave from moment to moment.

Be watchful.

 Be helpful.

 Be compassionate.

Take a step back from the fast pace of life.

We will get there.

Just maybe as we do we can have a positive impact on others along the way!

Live in the Moment!